Party Decorations on the Cheap

We all know planning a party isn’t cheap. You have the food, the drinks, the venue, the decoration and so on. I have found that rather spending the day in the kitchen trying to save a few bucks on the food is not as effective. Usually, you don’t have everything you need and depending on the recipe you can just “make it work”. But when it comes to decorations, it is a lot easier to improvise and work with what you got.


On many occasions, I have been asked to make decorations or invitations for friends and family parties. As I have a love for paper crafts I don’t mind in the least. That said, paper can get pretty pricey along with other decorations, especially if the guest of honor is going for a certain look. That’s when my thriftiness and upcycling comes in handy. From there it’s just DIY

Thrifty Finds:

I know a lot of people do not like going to the thrift store, but if I am being honest some of my best finds are from resale shops. Not only can you find things at an affordable IMG_0348price, but you might find something that you may have never even thought of as a decor piece. For example, dining fads have changed over the years. This is to your benefit. You might find a crystal deviled egg dish that can be repurposed either as a  candy dish or just a display piece.

Signs and chalkboards are still a thing. But, if you plan to buy them at your locate craft store they can be upwards of $20 each. That is a lot when it comes to just a sign. Consider some cool thrift store frames. Keep in mind you can always paint them to meet the look you are going for, like I did!



To upcycle, basically just means to reuse, but in a way that you are making the material IMG_0186into a high-quality product. I would this comes in real handy when using paper. Because I love making paper crafts I have more scraps that I can store. This is when I choose to use these scraps to create something new. Take these scraps of design prints. Originally they were for scrapbooking, but they matched the theme of the Baby shower decorations I was working on. Not only ways I able to get a banner out of the paper, but confetti as well. Use every last bit you can. “Waste not, Want not.”

After all, was said and done, these baby shower decorations only cost me just south of  $45. Majority of that was mostly on paint for the frame and cake holders. Doing something “on the cheap”, doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. Try looking and something in a different light, finding new ways you can use it an improve it. From there, you can’t go wrong.

BeFunky Collage


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