Book Challenge 8 of 24: The Last Mrs. Parrish

Predictable. I feel like I don’t have to write a post about this because predictable just about sums it up. That said, I will regardless.

Liv Constantine’s The Last Mrs. Parrish is a story of a young, 20 something trying who recently moved to Connecticut in hopes to score a rich husband. She has a love for greed and that is about it. Amber, the 20 something does her research and carefully selects her pray. Jackson Parrish was her pick and his wife Daphne was her ticket it.

Amber played the plain, invisible girl, who just wanted to fill a void of “dead sister”. She befriends Daphne who also lost her sister. Their friendship goes closer as Amber makes up stories of her so-called dead sister and Daphne in turn supposedly adores Amber and takes her under her wing. Amber is showered with gifts, trips and slowly, but surely moves her way in the social circle in to “steal” Daphne’s husband.

The reader soon finds out that Daphne’s husband has been manipulating and abusive over their 12-year marriage. She soon finds out Ambers plan and then beings finding subtle ways to push Amber toward her abusive husband. Amber soon ends up pregnant with a son and Daphne’s divorce is made.

Although Amber thinks she has won, she soon finds out that Daphne has revealed her criminal past. In turn Ambers once amazingly kind and rich husband starts down the same abusive path. But, Daphne’s revenge on him is not over. She then exposes Jackson for the fraud he is.

There is an outstanding amount of plot holes throughout the book. Jackson is this crazy helicopter husband who forces his wife to take college classes about art and French, but doesn’t review to see what classes she is signing up for or ever speak to his wife in French? Then there is the money.  Jackson only gives Daphne an allowance for the month which he always wants receipts, but she is able to pay for all these psychology classes and a private investigator for the handbags she sells on eBay. That seems curious. Then there is the foundation. Does this woman ever work? Other than the fundraiser, there is no mention of it.

Throughout this novel, I felt that I was five steps ahead of the author. As they say, “I saw it coming a mile away.” Do you ever get the feeling that a book was only written so it could be made into a movie? That is the vibe I got from this. The authors end goal wasn’t to provide a suspenseful experience for the reader but create a lavish life of pretty people that might look good on screen. When you are read suspense novels you want that rush, but The Last Mrs. Parrish short to say the least.



Next Book will be the Mastery by George Leonard


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