CupCake Toppers

Who knew that something so small and so simple would be so pricey?! It was my sister-in-law’s baby shower and I was asked to pick up some cupcake flags. For those of you who don’t know what a cupcake flag is, it is a toothpick, with a piece of paper wrapped around with a clever saying that you stick into the top of the cupcake. One would think that these little guys would be easy to find and at an affordable price. I went to bakeries, craft stores, online store and it never failed, it cost anywhere from $10-$14 for 8-10 flags. After much searching, I took it upon myself to make the flags, and not only was it so much more affordable, but it was easy-peasy. Find out how I did it!

Step One: Shop!

I thought about buying toothpicks and wrapping and gluing myself, but that seemed like a lot for such a small craft. So, instead, I found some plain white pre-made flags at Michaels. They were simple and white. I grabbed 3 bags which provided me with 56 flags for $12 total.

One to flowers, to give them a little something extra. I bought two boxes of multi-color mini paper flowers. Each box held 60 flowers giving me plenty to work with and for only $8 total!

So, let’s run the numbers here. If I had bought the flags I would have spent north of $70. Where, as making them myself, I only spent $18. Worth it? I think so!


Step Two: What You Need!

So, you really only need four things. One and Tow being your pre-made flags and two being your mini-paper flowers. Three, gold sharpie (or whatever color you see fit) and Four is a glue gun. That’s it!



Step Three: Get Crafting!

I began with hot gluing two flowers per flag. One seems a little plain and also it allowed for a little bit more color to each flag. Once all the flowers were glued was when the sharpie came in. I came up with Three different phases, so write on the flags. This switched things up a bit so it wasn’t the same look over and over. It is a floral themed shower I stuck with “Oh Baby”, “It’s a Girl” and “Blossom”.



Step Four: Stick and Serve!

Get those delicious cupcakes out and accompany each with a handcrafted flag, display and serve! All while enjoying your work!



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