Book Challenge 6 of 24: The Rules of Magic

Do you love reading fantasy fiction?  Personally, I grow up watching Buffy, Angle and in turn I developed a love and curiously for the unknown wold of magic. I stumbled upon the film Practical Magic at a young age. I was entranced by the whimsical tone, the sisterly bond and above all, the magic. As an adult,  I was delighted to learn that this was based off of a book, written by Alice Hoffman; whom had just realized a pre-quill to the magical navel. The Rules of Magic, soon became my next Must-Read.

The story follows the lives of three siblings, Fanny, Jet and Vincent. These are not any ordinary children living in New York City. They come from a long line of witches, dating back to 1620. As the children grow older, they soon learn they cannot resist their heritage, nor do they want to. Their mother, Suzanne tries her best to shield her children of from the curse that hunts the Owens family, but some spells cannot be broke. Although they may not be broken, they can be cheated. Through the novel, you follow these charismatic characters and learn the struggles of being a witch in the modern world. Most of us think that being a magical being would be desirable, but would you be willing to sacrifice the one thing you love for it?

This novel is my favorite thus far, throughout this challenge. It gave the same magical tone that I saw when watching Practical Magic. Hoffman allowed me to escape my life and fall into the lives of the Owens siblings, as if I was Franny’s raven, watching from above. Not only was I able to get lost in the world of magic, but the characters were relatable. Although their personality are unique, their experiences are not. We have all experienced, love and lose. They morn like we morn and they love like we love. Regardless of our heritage or what curses we feel might laid upon us, we are the same in so many ways.

I would recommend this novel for any magic lover or any Newbee who would like to make a start in fantasy fiction. Now, I’m going to keep the magic going. On to the next book, Practical Magic.


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