Whale Watching or Should I Say Dolphin Watching

I had a short trip to LA, which only included one free day. My choices were whale watching or Disneyland. Now, I love everything Disney, but I am partial to Disney World. So, I figured I would give whale watching a try.

My sisters and I arrived a Dock 2 at Rainbow Harbor for our 3-hour boat ride with Harbor Breeze Cruises. The sun was high and warm. We figured it would be too hot for a jacket as we were already baking. After a short intro and some safety tips from the crew, we were off.

We were in the bay, surrounded by docks accompanied with huge cruise ships. We cruised out toward the break wall. Just past the docks, although the sun was still beating down on us, we were now freezing, regretting our lack of jackets. My face soon began to burn with cold and wind. Although cold, looking out to the horizon was an amazing site. There have been very few times in my life where there was water as far as I could see; scary for a moment, but still exciting.

After passing the break wall, the waters became choppy. My sisters and I bopped along the cabin, trying our best to hold our ground and not get seasick. Although I love being on the water, I am a lake kinda-girl. The ocean is a whole new ball game. As we busted with laughter climbing the stairs the Naturalist* was over the loudspeaker giving the guests of the boat a little lesson about the land, water and the creatures that habit it.

We were about 90 minutes into our trip, and still no whales. Then, the boat took a sharp right and we were heading straight for the horizon. The Naturalist mentioned that if you see flocks of birds hovering over the water, you know there are aquatic animals near. As we approached our boat slowed and all you could see for what seemed like miles was birds and splashing water. Then it came into focus, dolphins, hundreds of dolphins.

We glided along top the water and only the sea mammals in sight. They swam by as if they didn’t see the huge boat that lye in their path. Echoing as they swam with their caves at their side. It was beautiful. It was like nothing I had ever seen. For a moment it felt almost peaceful. As if I could not hear anyone on the boat, nor my sisters chattering with excitement and I could no longer feel the cold on my cheeks. All I could hear was the splashing of the Dolphins going in and out of the water. It was so astonishing, that it moved me to tears. Not many get the chance to see animals in their natural habitat, and I was fortunate enough.

For the next two hours, we came across three pods of dolphins, always too many to count. We also saw sea lions and seals. Then, as the sun began to fall, we headed back. Although it was a whale watching day cruise, none crossed our path. I didn’t even realize it until we were about to dock. The dolphins were a site I could have never imagined and worth the wind burn cheeks.


Harbor Breeze Cruises

100 Aquarium Way, Dock #2

Long Beach, CA, 90802



*Naturalist: study of natural history; especially: field biologist 

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