4 of 24 Book challenge: Into the Water

A chapter in and I was hooked. Like Girl on a Train the suspense got to me. With each turn of the page, I was trying my best to piece the puzzle together and with every turn I ended up wrong.

Paula Hawkins, really has a niche for creating character with such depth, but also some you can relate to. Girl On a Train forced the reader to dive in and feel what the character was feeling and relate on some leave. Keep in mind though, Girl on the Train really only focused on two characters. Into the Water, Hawkins provides the reader with an ensemble. Having to keep up with each character, although challenging at times keeps the reader on their toes. It allows the mind to search for a link, find the missing piece to what is from the get go, as very large puzzle.

I find that Hawkins’ character development is really what shines in this novel, along with setting of the scene. Although I had never heard of Beckford I could picture it with 61OLegHQzvL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_ease. I could smell the brisk call air, the tress the lines the cliff and the pool that lie beneath them. It is easy to picture or imagine something, but to have your mind brought there is very different. If I close my eyes, I feel like I could walk though that town know where Nicky lived in relation to the bridge a the school, where Sean walked along the river to Annie’s cottage. Hawkins more than set the scene but set the stage for any reader to become immersed within the town and the people within it.

Although I have so many great things to say about this book, in the end it let me down. The moment that Mark put Lena in the trunk all bets were off. Never did I think or do I think any reader would think that Mark would do such a thing. Yes, he slept with an underage student, but he had no history of violence. In the event that he thought that his relationship with Katie would have come out he would have left town and not come back. Although I am not a teacher myself, but I know a lot of them and when one is an educator I feel that one would weight possible outcomes and determine the best solution. The educators I know are not people to make rash decisions (like myself). Although I love the character development in the booked, I find Mark is where it falls short. This violent act seemed like it was a publisher saying “throw some gore in there”. The novel has suspense and thrill. These two things are what carried it.

Final Notes:

-It is not a must read, but a good one.

-If you like Girl on a Train, you might not love Into the Water, as there are o many characters

– Easy read









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