Touristy Food Worth Eating In Jackson Hole

When I headed out to Jackson Hole, I stayed on the touristy side of town, went to the tourist shops and ate the tourist food. Let me tell you I don’t regret it at all. Sometimes being the tourist is the best. Not once was I let down by my experience, especially the food. Man oh man! Let me tell you about the food.

Liberty Burger

First stop, Liberty Burger. We hit this tiny place the day we arrived. Dan and I were starving and it was the closest place to our hotel, The Lexington. A half a block walk and we were there. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a lovely host who seated us at a communal table.

Reviewing the menu took us forever. Each item sounded so delicious, we just could not make up our minds. Finally, I went for the South of the Burger, and Dan, the Wild West. Our burgers soon arrived accompanied by two Cokes and some fries. But they needed no accompaniment, as these burgers were huge. Not to say I didn’t finish, I ate every last bite, and boy, was it good!

Did I mention, the to go orders? After eating our first amazingly delicious meal in Jackson Hole, we were too stuffed for dessert and Liberty Burger is known for their shakes. On our last night, we made a pit stop on the walk back to our hotel. We just dropped in and asked if we could get two shakes to go and they did it! Although freezing outside, Dan and I continued our walk home with our delicious shakes in hand. Well worth every frozen finger.

Located at: 160 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001


Pinky G’s

As a Chicago native, I am sure one could understand that I am a bit picky when it comes to pizza. I have tried pizza everywhere that I have ever visited and none of them ever matched up to Chicago. That said, I saw an episode of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives where Pinky G’s was featured. So, I thought, why not give it a try?

Let me start by saying that although it is in the main part of town, it is not an easy find. When visiting Jackson Hole, you will soon learn that the shopping and eateries are hidden and on top of one another. More often than not, you have to climb stairs to get to your destination. Not the most accessible town, but very creative when it comes to utilizing space.

So, we arrive at the location. Although we could smell the pizza from the street, we had no idea where it was. Our GPS that we referenced while walking there said we were right in front, but neither of us could see it. We then chose to follow our noses. We walked straight into this dark shopping center. There we saw the neon sign that said “Open”. We walked into a low ceilinged pizzeria, that gave off an industrial vibe with its metal chairs, exposed brick, and sharp wooden tables.

We soon ordered: I, the classic cheese and Dan, pepperoni. The pizza arrived on a dish, but our plates were merely parchment paper, which may I add is a nifty idea. We took a bite and were overcome with pleasure. We pizza snobs had finally found a place that was up to our “standard”. The crust was flaky, cheese melted just right.

Pinky G’s was voted best pizza place in Jackson Hole, and man, have they earned their title. This popular, yet hidden gem is well worth it and perfect for any Jackson Hole visitor.

Located at: 50 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001


Gun and Barrel

Trying to describe Gun and Barrel is almost impossible. Its one of those places that you have to see to believe. Before you even walk in the door you pass a stuffed wild hog and snake engaged in a battle frozen in time. Then you go to grab the door handle, that isn’t even a door handle. It was deer antlers. But, it was not until I walked in and met the eye of a giant stuffed bison that I thought, “Boy, we sure aren’t in Chicago anymore.”

The host led us to our table and on the way, every inch of the wall was covered with stuffed game: hogs, deer, wolves, goats, moose. You name it and it was mounted on the wall in some way. Let’s just say this is not the ideal place for city folk who think meat comes from the store.

It seemed our food was in front of us within seconds of ordering. This place ran like a well oiled machine. They know their product and they know it is freaking good. Dan got the steak, of course and chicken for me, typical. I will say, due to the décor I was anticipating this mind blowing meal. Both Dan and I agreed although good, we’ve had better.

Although the food was just good and not great, the décor alone I think is a must see!

Located at: 862 West Broadway Jackson, Wyoming



Local hit the spot! Make sure you make a reservation. This swanky, modern bar and restaurant books up fast. Trust me, once you go, you will know why.

Although the menu might be small in quantity, the quality will blow you out of the water. While seated at our table Dan and I could not figure out what we wanted. Per usual, we went with the steak and chicken, but the sides were what stumped us. Then, a father- son duo sitting next to us leaned over and agreed. The sides will be our biggest challenge. They ended up getting three for the two of them, because they all just sounded too good to pass up. We took a note from their book and did the same. Best advice we ever got.

Local is a home run when it comes to food in Jackson Hole, but good food comes at a price. The bill was a bit much, but well worth it since it was the only place that we went that we put in the “upscale” category. All the other places were very moderately priced.

Located at: 55 N Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001



And now for dessert. What’s a vacation without ice cream? Not to mention, Dan has a bit of a sweet tooth. A “bit” is actually an understatement. I am pretty sure Dan can sniff out the best ices cream places.

Moo’s is a perfect spot of the end of the night treat. We went a few times on our walk home and it was never crowded which was a big plus. Not to mention the staff was helpful and lively to say the least.

Located at: 110 Center St, Jackson, WY 83001





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