Book 2 or 24: Lucky Dog Lessons

Book of dog lessons, more like Dog Bible. I kid you not, everything you need to know is in this books. Well, I shouldn’t say that. As I am sure you learned while reading that not every technique works for every dog. Each dog has his or her own personality; therefore, it’s not always a sure thing.

Nestle, is a Beagle mix that we adopted her back in October of 2016. We think she might be a Beagle-Pit, but there is no way to know for sure. One thing is for sure; this little lady has got spunk. Not only does she steal our shoes, bark at the couch for no reason, I am confident she pees on the carpet just to spit us. This pup is potty trained and I know it, but based on how may stains are on our carpet, you would never know it.

So, while reading this book I though, “Why not I give these techniques a try as I read?” Although we are well past the seven-day mark, Nestle’s manors are improving with every passing day.



What I really loved about this book, although sappy at times, it was very realistic and gave the reader a point of reference of where each training tool worked. Brandon never claimed to be a “dog whisper” or even say he had all the answers. He provided the reader with realistic expectations. He emphasized that not every tool would work for every dog and if it didn’t he provided more options to give a try. I loved this.  If one thing was not catching on I was at the ready with a different method.

Another big plus when it comes to Brandon, he is across all media. Not only can you read his book, but watch his show Lucky Dog on CBS Saturday Morning, he is on Instagram, Facebook and even has a website which holds a ton of tips of how to train your dog.

I cannot emphasize enough how much Nestle and myself have learned over these past few weeks. Not to mention, this book has made me so much more engaged with my pup creating a much better relationship, making this a MUST READ book when it comes to dog training.

To top it all off, Brandon’s mission to save one dog at a time is so heart warming. In the Prolog when Brandon mentioned that one million domesticated animals are euthanized in the US per year, I literally cried. There are so many at risk animals in this county that could easily be saved if we humans just dedicate the time to care for them and love them. Although they may only be in our lives for a short time, we are their whole life. We should help make it the best life.

Nestle and I worked on a few tools. Check Facebook to see how we did!


Next for the Reading Challenge will be The Sun Is Also a Star  by Nicola Yoon

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