The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

Book 1 of 24: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

I want to start by saying that I am not in love with Amy Schumer. I think she is a cool chick, funny at times and I love that she has a great body image. Not to mention, she doesn’t apologize for who she is. All of which are great traits and I respect her for all of them. All that said, I had a lot of trouble reading this book and for a few different reasons.

The structure of the book was a bit all over the place, if you ask me. Not only was the content of chapters confusing, but the placement of that content. There was a chapter dedicated to stuff animals. We all have our quarks and this is obviously one of Amy’s, but a whole chapter on this? Was that really necessary? Then there is the placement: for example, the chapter about her dad in the airport. I am sure that this was very hard for Amy to see and cope with at the time. But, as soon as shitting ended and she got on her plane, the topic took a 180. It was no longer about her dad or how that experience affected her. Then five chapters later she starts taking about her dad in a health facility and dealing with MS. I feel that although she had clear concepts and topics readers could relate to, it was a bit all over the place.

My other major concerns were the contradictions. The one that stuck out to me most was the I Am Sam comment. In the early parts of the book Amy talked about signing up for a camp where she was placed, as a counselor for a special needs group. She talked about how, although this was hard work and as a teenager it was well outside her comfort zone, she learned so much and gained respect for people with special needed. Then toward the end of the book she is talking about her mother dating someone who was “slow”. “He was like I Am Sam slow.” This made me question everything stated in the previous chapters. Were you going for an easy punch line? If so, it was a poor choice.

There were another moments throughout the book where I questioned whether Amy was being honest, trying to please the reader or just going for a joke. So often so, that I sometimes wonder if I was just reading a really long version of what could be her set.

After reading all the above, you probably think I hated the book, but that’s not the case. When Amy got to the root of an issue and really expressed herself I found myself loving it. Learning about her experience with the shooting at her film, the relationship issue of her parents, the sexual assault and emotion abuse she encountered with her past partners, I felt like I was really getting to know her. Many of the things she motioned women of this country could relate to and many of them chose to never speak up about them. When she got down to raw truth of the matter, it was moving, regardless of the jokes.

Is it a must read? I don’t think so. Is it confusing and conflicting at times? That’s for sure. Does it say the things we are always thinking, but are scared to say out loud? Yes, which to this Newbee makes it worth picking up and giving a try.

Now on to the next book! Have a dog? Is training “ruff”? Well, lets see what we can do to improve together with  Brandon McMillan‘s ,  Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days

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