Day 20 of 30: So Here’s the Thing…

I am not going to lie;I for sure make up excuses to get out of things. Whether it is, a white lie to get out of committing to a social event, complaining the kickboxing class was too over crowed. Trust me I am not shy to say unless I am getting paid, I am not much of a “go-getter”. That said, in this circumstance it is not the case.

Day 17, Day 18, Day 19 and so on…came and went. I found myself bed ridden all the way up to day 21 of my workout challenge. That’s right, its flu season and I got it, bad! Never have I received a flu shot, but let me tell you I wish I had.

Not only was my throat sour, was I congested as hell and coughing my head off, due to all the symptoms I was experiencing vertigo. For those of you who are lucky enough never to have this problem, let me give you a glimpse. You find yourself in a few different states. Most often for me, it feels like I just got off the fastest Tilter World know to woman. I find myself bobbing and weaving when attempting to walk down the hall, the ceiling spins while lying in bed. It is the worst!

Day 23 arrived, it was a Sunday and things were looking up. I finally had my bearings on my body and I was ready to get started on catching up with my work out. It just so happened that Sunday, I was scheduled to start a new brand of birth control. I brushed my teeth and popped my pill and I was off, or so I thought. Within minutes I was throwing up and could not stop. This went on for three days straight! I made it through work the following days. Luckily, I was working the late shift, alone and didn’t really have to face any of my co-workers. Sorry for the details, but this again postponed my workouts challenge. (I know, even I think I am making this crap up! But, I swear it is the god honest truth.)

So here we are, on what should be Day 30. Sadly, I have failed my workout challenge. As I mentioned in Day 10 of 30, I feel that this workout is designed to  motivate. It is done just that! I am not starting over, as I still have the pep in my step. Not to mention, this blog is giving me a lot of motivation. I want to share my experience with you kind folks, regardless of how bad.

I will complete my work out from day 20-30. From there, I will begin a new and more active workout challenge. Figures crossed, it is not a disaster. Come “Day 30”, I will announce the next challenge.

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