Day 10 of 30 & I Still Can’t Do a Push Up

My whole life I have always played leg sports: volleyball, frisbee, I was even on rowing team for a hot second. Because of this, I have always breezed through any workout that has to do with my legs. Lunges you got it. Wall-sits, how long? Squats, I’m down. But when it comes to other parts of the body: arms, chest, back….Not so much. Never in my life, have had to use upper body strength; therefore, I have none. So of course when day two of the work out came, push up time was a bit of a hot mess.

I was half way through, what I thought was my second pushup, when I heard, “What are you doing?” I looked up to see my boyfriend, Dan sitting on the couch with a strange look on his face. “I’m doing push ups. What does it looks like I am doing?”, I replied. There was a pause and then laughter. Apparently, I was doing them all wrong. Dan then jumped to the ground and said; “It’s like this,” while pushing out 10 pushups within the time it took me to complete my two.

The thing you have to know about Dan, is that he is in great shape. Not that he works out. He never does, but his job is very physically demanding. He calls a day work, his workout and it’s the truth.

Dan soon began to coach me on how to do a pushup. I could feel the difference. My whole body began to tremble, as I inched my way to the floor. Then, I just collapsed. I could not hold my own body weight. Dan then suggested the incline push up, that the workout calls for. I decided against it, as I pictured myself hitting a certain point and collapsing again, but, this time it would be my face smacking into a wooden chair. That didn’t sound like a good idea. Dan then suggested a modified pushup. Although it was difficult, it was still better. Since then, I am still doing the modified pushup and still struggling with it.

It is now day 10 of 30, and I still cannot do a push up. I guess I will just have to build up to it. Which, I think is what this workout is all about, a gradual process. I don’t think this work out is designed to shed pounds or beef up. It’s about getting you to a place where  working out is no longer a chore. This slow, but affective process is doing just that for this Newbee.





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