The Words are What’s Challenging

At a very young age, I was diagnosed with a disorder called vergence dysfunction, which unfortunately affects my comprehension skills, when taking in visually information. I also have a decrease in both saccades and pursuits. Over the years, this has really affected my reading level, spelling skills and comprehension of abstract visuals. My eyes move at rapid rates, causing what I am taking in visually to be distorted. In turn, when I see something, such as words, the visual isn’t properly communicated to the comprehension part of my brain. For example, I see a word, but because the message my eyes send is corrupt, my brain cannot properly formulate sounds to vocalize that word.

I was diagnosed with this disorder as a child, received treatment and have developed strategies to support myself. That said, this disorder had caused me to steer clear of reading. It wasn’t until I was 19 years old that I read my first book from start to finish on my own. The book Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold broke the cycle.

Now 8 years later, I cannot say that my life to literature opened up and I have read millions of books. I jumped on the Harry Potter broomstick, fallen in love with the Cullen family, participated in the Hunger Games and read many other books that were easy reads that peaked my interest. That said, I know I have not read nearly enough or have even challenged myself to improve my reading skills. Which brings me to THIS…

Over the next year, I have given myself the challenge to read 24 books over the next 12 months. Although to some, this might sound like a breeze, to me it sounds nearly impossible.

After the completion of each book, I will be writing about my experience while reading and my thoughts on the story. At that time, I will announce the next book I am about to embark on. I hope you come along for the ride, share what your relationship is with reading, as well as your thought on the books.

Because this is the first of many books to come, I am going to ease myself into this. Book 1 of 24 will be The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer. Although I always recommend supporting your local library, you can find it HERE as well.


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